Denz de Bayle is one the main character of the story with Esteban Noviembre.He is one of the "Bearers of the Curse" When his father never returned from the Third Crusade, Denz lost everything - his lands, his castle, and his

Denz is a talented swordsman.


mother. Bearing his father's Templar tunic, he joins the assault on Biron Castle in hopes of enlisting in the crusade… his hope of finding his father.

Denz believes his father is the key to undoing the curse as well as reclaiming his family's lost honor.

Bearing his father's Templar tunic, Denz joins the Fourth Crusade of the Templars - the only way for him to find his father, who has been missing for eight years. Only with his father's help, Denz will be able to take vengeance upon his uncle, who killed Denz's mother and took all of the de Bayle's property.

Death tries to kill Denz and corrupts his and his freind's mind.